Thomas Prins (Tommie)

Age 31
Date of Birth 30 April 1980
Gender Male
Relationship status Bachelor
Occupation Student (BA Industrial Psychology)
Email Address
Facebook URL!/Acidice69

We asked Tommie a couple of questions, to get to know him better:

Since when are you living in Robertson House?
August 2006, over 5 years

Where did you grow up
The first three years of my life we lived in Hukuntsi, Botswana. After that we moved to Aliwal North, Eastern Cape.

What is your fondest childhood memory
The smell of the rain in Botswana.

Proudest moment
The day I finally finished school!

Accomplishments you achieved (Anything you are proud of achieving)
I don’t like to pat myself on the back, next question!

How and where did your accident happen
I ran into the sea and dove underneath a wave into a sandbank. It happened on the main beach in Hartenbos.

What is your favorite hobby
Listening to music

If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be

Favorite movie, food, books
The Town, Steak and chips, The Way I Am.

Highlight of your day
Next question!

What is your typical daily routine
After I am up in the chair, it’s breakfast and straight to the computer. Usually some e-mails, studying, surfing the net till lunch, then my much-needed afternoon nap, back to the books again till about 4 PM, mingle with housemates until supper time (which is at 5 PM). Then it depends, either socializing or studying till I go to bed. I would then watch TV or keep myself busy on the computer. 12 AM equals lights out!

Who inspire/motivate you
That has to come from within!