Sally, the dog

Age 2
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Female
Relationship status Single
Occupation Loving companion

We asked Sally a couple of questions, to get to know her better:

Since when are you living in Robertson House?
Sometime in 2009, for about 2 years

Where did you grow up
I was the companion of a homeless person for the first 5 months of my life. One day, we didn’t have any food and he asked a very nice lady (Christelle) for something to eat. Christelle said that she would give him a R100 if she could have me. This is the day my life changed forever.

Highlight of your day
At night, when I get to share a bed with Gerald. Nice and warm.

What is your typical daily routine
I get up with Gerald, while he is at work I spend most of my day on my pink blanket in the office with Janine and Christelle. Every day at tea time I make sure to ask for my doggy treat, because these ladies are so busy, that they would certainly forget.
Tuesdays are fun days, this is when Zabron works in the garden. I greet him at the gate every Tuesday morning and then we get straight to work, in the garden of course.
I know exactly when my daddy (Gerald) is suppose to be home from work and when he is late, he’s in big trouble. I wait for him everyday, at the same time.

Who inspire/motivate you
All my friends at Robertson House.

Hans and me, a little while after I was adopted. I think he likes me!