Michael David Evans

Age 49
Date of Birth 22 July 1962
Gender Male
Relationship status Single
Occupation Un-employed, Actor, Singer
Email Address mevans62@gmail.com
Facebook URL Michael Evans

We asked Michael a couple of questions, to get to know him better:

Since when are you living in Robertson House?
April 2003, 8 years

Where did you grow up
Born in Cape Town, lived in Rugby as a child and in Goodwood in my teens.

What is your fondest childhood memory
On holiday at age 6, travelling with my family all round SA

Proudest moment
Can’t say one springs to mind

Accomplishments you achieved (Anything you are proud of achieving)

  • BA Admin (Maj: Public admin)
  • BA Eng.
  • 4year diploma course in theatre (ADK)
  • My body of work in the Performing Arts spanning 15 years

How and where did your accident happen
I lost control of my motor vehicle on a rainy night in Kyalami, Johannesburg. It was a Friday on the 8thNovember 2001 and I was traveling too fast on a wet and dangerously dark road. I’m happy that my silliness hurt no-one else.

What is your favorite hobby
Painting, but I’m dormant at present, so I’m into movies, theatre and live sport events (rugby or cricket)

If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be
Paul McCartney

Favorite movie, food, books
Forrest Gump, Filet Mignon with creamy green peppercorn sauce, The Plains of Passage and Catch 22

Highlight of your day
Mornings & Getting up! Don’t enjoy lying around in bed.

What is your typical daily routine
Up at 7 (if I’m lucky) breakfast, then it’s to the PC where I start with a daily devotion, then its mail, facebook, in between is interspersed with much time on my cell ( mostly messaging), lunch  newspaper, back to PC and surfing the net + research for projects I’m working on, evenings are spent on PC and watching TV…go out quite a bit – movies, dinner, cell, church, sport…

Who inspire/motivate you
I draw inspiration from friends and loved-ones. Sometimes a book or an event or persons deeds grab and shake me. Music has an effect on me.