Henry Koen

Age 68
Date of Birth 05/03/1943
Gender Male
Relationship status Widower
Occupation Pensioner
Email Address henrykoen1@gmail.com
Facebook URL

We asked Henry a couple of questions, to get to know him better:

Since when are you living in Robertson House?
26 June 2009, 2 years

Where did you grow up
Cape Town

What is your fondest childhood memory
Too long ago to remember

Proudest moment
When I was picked for the Marist S.A Schools XI

Accomplishments you achieved (Anything you are proud of achieving)
Reaching the age of 68 with my lifestyle

How and where did your accident happen
Fell off a scooter on Langkawi Island off the coast of Malaysia

If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be
The Girls of the Playboy Mansion

What is your favorite hobby
Reading, drinking, and socializing with friends.  Make friends with me.

Favorite movie, food
A lekka stew especially curry

Highlight of your day
Waking up late

What is your typical daily routine
Waking up, being helped up, exercise, lunch, answering the phone in the admin offices of Robertson House, supper, back to bed.

Who inspire/motivate you: