Freddie van der Walt

Age 32
Date of Birth 24 May
Gender Male
Relationship status Single
Occupation QA Assessor
Email Address
Facebook URL

We asked Freddie a couple of questions, to get to know him better:

Since when are you living in Robertson House?
July 2000, 11 years

Where did you grow up
Pretoria and Table View

What is your fondest childhood memory
Spending time on the farm

Proudest moment

Accomplishments you achieved (Anything you are proud of achieving)
Tourism Management diploma

How and where did your accident happen
Car accident in 1996

What is your favorite hobby
Computers and spending time with friends.

Favourite movie, food, books
Sushi, braai, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Wilbur Smith

Highlight of your day
Friends visiting

What is your typical daily routine
Work and sleep.

Who inspire/motivate you
My mother