About Us

Robertson House provides the following:


– Full board and lodging including three balanced meals per day, 24-hour care services, cleaning and laundry services

– Private and spacious single rooms as well as 4 flats

– All facilities are accessible by wheelchair

– An entertainment area is available for residents and functions


A seatless combi, donated by the National Lottery, transports our residents for medical and personal appointments as well as for recreational outings. Some residents are also transported to their places of employment.

The Objectives of the Organisation

– To provide accommodation for physically disabled persons in an environment conducive to maximal privacy and independence

– To provide, where necessary, additional facilities such as social services, provided by Social Workers from the Cape Town Association for Persons with Disabilities. reable@iafrica.com

– To promote the principal that rehabilitation of the disabled has not only a physical aspect but also a psychological one of restoring self-esteem through relative independence and a “normal” rather than institutional existence

– To collect funds to contribute to the expenses incurred by the house

– To educate and raise awareness, encourage a greater concern, understanding and awareness among the general public about disability