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Robertson house

Robertson House had in the past only catered for security services disabled persons (Defence Force and Police Services), but due to the ever increasing demand and the crying need for more accommodation, the constitution was amended to allow the accommodati on of any physically disable d person with a permanent spinal cord injury over the age of 18 years.

Robertson House

Robertson House, a registered Non Profit Organisation situated in Sanddrift
Milnerton, is a warm and welcome multi racial home for persons over the age of 18 years with permanent spinal cord injuries.

Robertson House accommodates mostly persons with quadriplegia and all our
residents use wheelchairs for mobility. Their spinal cord injuries w ere caused by diving accidents , road and motor vehicle accidents , rugby and violence related injuries.

We host fundraising events to generate income i.e.

Fundraising Projects

What we do

Our mission


Full board and lodging including three balanced meals per day, 24 hour care
services , cleaning and laundry services. Private and spacious single rooms as well as 4 flats. All facilities are accessible by wheelchair. An entertainment area is available for residents and functions.


A seatless combi, donated by the National Lottery, transport s our residents for medical and personal appointments as well as for recreational outings . Some residents are also transported to their places of employment. The Quantum Bus is fitted with a hoist and clamps to secure the wheelchairs.


Board and lodging fees paid by the residents, generate the only fixed income. Robertson House is r egistered with the Department of Social Development and receives a monthly subsidy towards the board and lodging fees of residents in receipt of a Disability Grant. The monthly running co sts and expenses exceeds the fixed income, therefore Robertson House relies on the public for financial assistance, i.e. donations and fundraising projects.


Our vision is to obtain funds to install a borehole so we can maintain healthy living conditions for our residents. Please share our vision so we can reach this goal. You can also like and share our facebook page.


With the financial assistance from a trusted donor, The Robertson House Fund was able to purchase the adjacent property a few years ago to expand the current facility. The Trustees investigated various business opportunities and partnerships with property developers , but unfortunately, a lack of funding is currently the biggest stumble block in the pursuit of their dream.

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